Foot steam sauna was quite different from the traditional sauna for your whole body. It is not only a sauna, but also a natural rehabilitation to benefit your health in many different aspects.


During the steam sauna for your foot for 15-30 minutes, the human nervous system and cardiovascular system were greatly stimulated by thermal effect of steam fumigation. The reflective zone points on your foot was greatly stimulated to clear the blockages in the corresponding areas. The warm effect was transferred from the bottom to the up, from inside to outward, resulting in speeding blood circulation up to 15 times compared to 2 times of normal massage, sweating with body detoxification, improving nutrition and oxygen to cells, balance of internal and external.

It is an active detoxification and it is helpful for the diseases in your leg and foot, such as arthritis rheumatism, varcosis, eczema, insomnia, and tinea pedis etc. Increased the temperature of your body,increased the ability of your immune system. 

Foot is called the body's second heart
. Skin is the body's largest organ and its detoxification roles is often ignored compared to urine and breath. It is an innovative natural rehabilitation to benefit your health. Easy way to weight loss and skin care.