Foot Spa with sauna was mainly used to detoxification, skin clearance, weight loss, and pain management. It can eliminate fatigue, improve insomnia, promote blood circulation and metabolism, improve the human sub-health status, and adjuvant treatment for some chronic diseases, such as arthritis rheumatism and eczema etc.

Foot is called the body's second heart
, In the limited space in the plantar, half of the meridian of human being, 10% of total body acupuncture points are gathering around, which were closely linked with internal organs. Foot was covered with a wealth of nerve endings and capillaries.

During the foot spa with sauna, (40 degrees steam hot water for around 40 minutes) the human nervous system and cardiovascular system were stimulated by the thermal effect of hot water, transdermal effect of steam fumigation, vibration massage and bubble surfing.
The warm effect was transferred from the bottom up, inside outward, resulting in speeding blood circulation up to 15 times compared to 2 times of normal massage, sweating with body detoxification, improving nutrition and oxygen to cells, balance of internal and external. The effect is equivalent to doing an aerobic exercise.

There are three ways of excretion, breath, urine and skin. Skin is the body's largest organ and its detoxification role is often ignored.

Many toxins were produced every day. If not properly discharged, will result with disease. There are 200-500 million sweat pores in adult’s skin. When the surface temperature reaches a certain temperature, the sweat pores will automatically open, toxins and carbon dioxide were excreted from the body. It is helpful to detoxification, skin clearance, and weight loss.